Most Loved Posts

These are in no specific order. Enjoy!

Refined By Fire in the Fort Clinch Furnace

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

Guidelines to Losing Your Century Virginity

Mellow Mushroom, Dragon Tattoos, and a very Epic 26.2 Finish

Salomon’s Accidental Sexcapades

Stone Mountain, Travolta & DeNiro, a Race, and Slight Return of Sanity

Double Top 100: Lost

Hey, Douchebag!

Taking the Biking World By Storm- One Fall at a Time

5 Things I Try to Avoid as an Ultra Chick

5 Personality Traits That Led to My Burnout

Response to News of Hip Fracture, and Possible Surgury

Meet the Naysayers

The Places Between

7 Reasons I Ditched Facebook to Become a Better Runner

I Crave Running Like He Craves What?

Staying Distracted, Lifting Weights, and a Facebook Rant

Til I collapse

Missing You, Running

Solutions for the Troublesome Outdoorsy Wife


Happy New Year From a Cynic

I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just need to write.

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