Sedona – Moving Forward


After we finished our canyon run, Amber and I hopped in the jeep and headed south for yet another run through the enchanted red rocks of Sedona. During our road trip- filled with more music, laughter, and sharing- I realized at that moment, I had never before felt so free.

Like this is where I am supposed to be at this very moment type of thing.

The feeling was incredible. Everything felt – in a word- accurate.

Out in the canyon -adventuring with my best friend- was different. Different than any other running experience I had ever had. It changed everything for me. Everything I thought I liked about being able to run an ultra distance with little effort- I realized was wrong before.

I don’t love to race ultras.

No. I do them. But, I don’t LOVE to do them.

But I do like to traverse over miles of wild terrain- With no rules. No regulations. No crew. No convenience. With the real threat of danger, and death lurking nearby. With the stars over my head, and the earth under my feet.


And the beauty of it is, is that I actually have the skills, ability, and fitness to thrive in the wild- I could break away from society, and be just fine.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized over our week together, I was tapping into the real me. the real me.. hahahah

Amber and I spent the day together talking about this- and about life & dreams & family & friends– but there’s one thing we ended up talking about more than the rest…




Strange, I know, but let me explain:

For about a year now, Amber and I have discussed in depth an idea of one day starting an adventure company together. We played around with the idea, chatted about it a bit, let it go, brought it up again, etc. Yet out in Sedona, exploring Red Rock and sucking down the adrenaline of the adventure, the ideas felt more like a calling. More like a realization that- Hey.. Maybe this is what we’re supposed to do in life..

I have never been a normal person. I mean- ever. My whole life I’ve been “different”. Spend a day with me and you will understand.. I’m just not made to live in a boxed in Americana mold. I’m weird. I’m very wild and crazy. I have absolutely no concern with the outside world. I don’t think about money, save money, or really care to spend money. I don’t plan things. I don’t organize things. I don’t worry about anything. I have never carried a purse. I carry my kids up a mountain for fun. I live on faith and faith alone…… and I could and would live outside my entire life if I was able to.  I have always only craved to be different, to find my own path, to follow it, and to chase down answers to life’s toughest questions.

When someone in my life can click with that, accept it, and flow with it- I know they’re supposed to be in my life in an important way…. Amber is one of those people.

I realized that in Arizona.

Having a moment like that- where I felt like I was zoning in on some sort of life plan- I knew it was something I needed to listen to.

What was even more cool was that Amber was feeling the same way.

We both just kind of knew that something bigger than us was happening, and we were excited about it..

Still are.

Fast forward to today, and the wheels are already in motion.

Amber and I will be moving forward with establishing our all female adventure company.. sharing our love of exploration, survival, and the wild outdoors with other chicks- and neither of us have ever felt so sure about something. 🙂

Stay tuned.

7 Replies to “Sedona – Moving Forward”

  1. Now you’ve really gone off the deep end, Lassie. First, you turn your nose up at my tutelage. Terrible mistake, which potentially already ruined your life. Now, you’re starting an adventure company? You and your partner need my expertise. This is your last chance. I have had clients literally clinging to my feet weeping for a second chance after embarrassing second place finishes- so you have a rare opportunity. You know where to find me to accept my overly generous offer. Cheers!

  2. @DavidECreech said this blog was one of about four he reads regularly, so I decided to tune in. Loved the four-parter about you and your friend’s Grand Canyon adventure. The heart of the Tarahumara beats inside you!

    Good storytelling, and best of luck on your new endeavor. Till then, keep writing.

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