The Canyon Awaits

click here to read Amber’s post, then come back for my thoughts:)

So with Amber’s awesome first post, guess its time to fill you in on some minor plans:)

Amber and I are going to write about our canyon adventure completely- start to finish. We are also planning to get some crazy video footage of the canyon, any ridiculous obscene things we may or may not do, desert animals, etc etc. and we plan to share all of it with you guys.
Yes, as Amber pointed out, we have the appearance of straight up girliness. And while we are very feminine at times, we have never really done anything together that hasn’t included hours of laughter, mud, miles, sweat, vomit, or blood…. We are kindred spirits: young mothers, loners, trail addicts, soul searchers, goofballs, and nature fanatics. And while the canyon is all we are officially planning at the moment.. its definitely not all we’ve got in mind! So this should be quite entertaining for all of you head-screwed-on-right type of folk.

There are even more cool things going on over at the ultrachicksUNITE site, which will keep me extremely and completely busy for the next several months. So my guess is that many of our prep posts will come from Amber. So be sure you follow my favorite friend’s blog and stay up to date with our crazy adventures:).
Amber’s Blog

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