Eating Like a Horse, Week 1/22, 100s, Back to Full Isolation Training(?)

Eating Like a Horse So today, ha, interesting. I woke up at 4:50 to run. My mom took the kids for the night- and a 4:50am run of 20 miles with 12 of that at a 7 flat pace, is the ideal date for me and my man. But when we got to the park to run, it was locked up with none of the street lights on. We brought headlamps, but it was way too foggy to see. So we opted for the roads, but decided that if it was too foggy for us to see, it would be hard for cars to see us as well. So we didn’t run. We were both pretty disappointed.(Probably me more than Daniel, because that was a key workout for me to miss.) & When I got home- that’s when all Hell broke lose, and calorie deficit hunger kicked in with a vengeance. Oh my gosh. I’m not kidding you! Seriously. I pretty much eat whatever the heck I want during heavy training, because I am usually in a calorie deficit, and what I crave isn’t bad stuff. But I have never put away this much food in such a short time frame. Let me tell you all that I’ve put into my body for the past 12 hours:

1)grilled chicken, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts

2) an entire bottle of Naked protein – that’s 64G of protein in one sitting, too bad that the body can’t absorb that much at once!

3)3 organic maple pecan flax and walnut bars

4)12G protein bar

5) 16 oz of choc milk

6)another 16oz of chocolate milk

7)grilled chicken, rice, potatoes

8)4 oranges

9) 2 12G protein bars again!

10)only God knows how many handfuls of nuts

Of course the first thing my mom asks is Honey, are you pregnant???? In which I was glad to explain: No, Ma, sorry bout your luck, but I’m not experiencing the miracle of birthing another child. Thank God. My body is just recovering from some insane displays of serious drive, motivation, and hardcore athleticism from earlier this week. 

Haha, but really, with almost every single run being under an 8:30 min pace, several under 7, and a few under 6, and most all but speed work on hills or trails, my body was just playing catch up today once I finally rested it. I only did a little over 80 miles in 6 days, but it felt like a lot more with some tough workouts! I was finally zapped! When the hunger streak ended, I passed out during our family movie. Oops!  But quite magically, I woke up feeling like a whole new woman! *angels singing* I was no longer hungry, and no longer tired, and started mapping out my schedule for next week! Bam! Back at it! Sometimes I think being a mom gives way more endurance benefits than people are willing to give credit for. Credit: Bounce back skills courtesy two incredible little energetic kiddos (and a ton of protein and nutrients!!!)

Week 1/22 So, I think I’m going to shoot for only 90mi this week. If it’s nice out, I really would like to tackle a triple threat at Yargo: bike, kayak, and run the outer loop. All I know is that nothing really matters but those 2 Q’s and that speed session. I would really like to see how many rounds I can push that 2:50ish reps I did last week for in my 800 repeats this week, and see if I can even get a little lower. I felt like I held back too much during those last week. Everything else this week is just junk miles. I’ll probably map the week out for my own reference at the bottom of this post later.

100s so it’s looking like I’m going to be signing up for DoubleTop 100 in March. It totally wasn’t my idea though. It was a trade off for helping out Sean.  I was offered the entry, and I couldn’t really deny it, despite that I promised myself to stick to the marathon until APRIL! Only addicts do things like this…ugh… What I haven’t decided is whether or not I actually want to race the 100. It would take me a good month to fully recover, which would totally kill my training for Knoxville, but I might be okay with that. I’m just not sure yet. (If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m probably the most fickle woman you’ll ever meet.)

Back to a full isolation training? Last year I experimented with isolating myself from the world. It turned out to be a pretty wild experience. I got really freaking tough. Found out I don’t have many limits. Ran farther in weeks than I ever had before. Settled issues in my brain that I’d struggled with for years. & found out a lot about God, and how I interact with Him. I initially had all these rules set out: I wouldn’t run with ANYBODY but the occasional runs with my clients, I had my phone turned off, no internet access, etc. But unfortunately the outside world (more so places like my children’s schools) need to have convenient and quick communication with me. All though all of my attempts at a full isolation didn’t last, I still managed to lead a very secluded life last year. And the deep inner need to do so again just keeps creeping back into my system. I keep going off on these long deep conversations – well, more like ME just talking and not listening- of how much I want to relocate to a less Westernized place. Ideally, it would look something like this: wake up in a tiny house at the bottom of some insanely gorgeous & huge mountain range, walk to & bike to the market for fresh foods & fabric, teach the kids on our own through exploration & life experience & train hardcore & work on super legit self defense skills! Basically- I guess I want to be a combination of Christopher McCandless & Hanna – well- minus a few gruesome details & one being raw fiction.

If I can muster up enough guts, and support from my sweet Husband! (Dan??), I may consider attempting a full on isolation month again… in lame Winder, wishing I was in another more geographically awesome part of the globe of course.

I think one thing that really triggered that inner fight this week is just noticing a lack of real around me. Not many real people, not real kindness, not real appreciation, not meaningful daily activities, hardly any real communication, not much real depth… And frankly, I get tired of it.

*****I had a couple friends ask me about that last paragraph. I would never talk about my friends on my blog. If I ever write anything like what I just wrote, trust me when I say its not directed towards anyone I talk to on a regular basis! I love my friends and family and I’m really thankful for each and every one of them!

So in the meantime..Time to buy tickets to Phoenix! Amber and I finally have our dates together and are ready to purchase our tickets to the canyon. This is so exciting to me. Getting everything together for our adventure… it’s so much fun. I’m so thrilled to spend several days in the park- soul searching on a journey with one of my favorite people ever.

That’s about it for my rambling today. If I fall off the grid for awhile, you know why. 🙂



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