Ten and Time

"She just doesn't know when to quit." I hear my mom in my head every single time I find myself in yet another stupid situation I've dug myself into. This time was no different. I had a quick flashback of 16-year-old me snorting another huge line of meth, knowing I'd likely just stepped into territory I couldn't come back from, but not caring one bit. "She's right. Why is she always right." I cursed myself as I dug into my pack for my phone. I was sixty some odd miles into my latest 100 mile effort. It was pitch black. My headlamp battery had died, my charger wasn't working, and I was fumbling trying to find a light--desperate for anything to help me navigate the rocky technical terrain in this section of the Pinhoti Trail. The next aid station was four miles away. Rookie mistake.

7 Reasons I Ditched Facebook to Become a Better Runner

Just one of my many rants! I know everyone lives for FB, so don't take it personally: this is just my experience speaking. Every time I meet someone, one of the first questions I get is, "Why aren't you on Facebook?" Over a year ago, I was a social media junkie: totally addicted to communicating …

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