For Now

"I think we should go for it, Mom." My fourteen-year-old son, Brett, stopped to survey the rugged mountain terrain around him, looked up at the golden sun drenched sky, then back at me. Less than an hour till dark. "Yeah. It can't be too far..." I offered in return. carefully finding my footing in old UGG boots and overalls.

Knoxville: Happy and Hungry

For the past three years, I've attempted to take my running journey from "Ultra Crazy Runner" to just "Crazy Runner" by participating in my favorite marathon: the annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. I would say it's tradition, but really it's just more of a personal running vendetta. Every year, I trade in my easy going …

Solutions for the Troublesome Outdoorsy Wife

Since the very beginning of time itself, one question has constantly plagued the wives of the outdoor loving breed.. How can a trail craving, earth chasing wife succeed at her domestic duties while remaining true to her wild woman ways? One may never truly know. Yet one can speculate, theorize, and ultimately form a somewhat …

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