Grindstone 100: Hanging On To Hope

It wasn't a normal 100 for me ...if there is such a thing as a normal 100. Most hundreds hurt in more ways than one. But this one-- it was pure mental, emotional, and physical hell for reasons I could not have foreseen...


Get Yourself Out Of That Funk !

Feeling low? Slow, burned out, fatigued? Sick of it, done with it, over it--all of it?! I'm there too. And trust me, I know it's a rough place to be. My mileage is currently the lowest its ever been in my entire running history. Many days I don't even feel like running. I'm currently battling some … Continue reading Get Yourself Out Of That Funk !

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

All things considered, I had no right being at the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Endurance Run . But I went anyway, and I'm so thankful I did.... It all starts with a flashback to the week after Hinson Lake 24 hour in late September: I was sitting in the orthopedic's office anxiously waiting for the … Continue reading 100 Miles to Trusting My Gut