Nine Out of 100

I wrote this in 2013, but finally decided to publish today. It took place at the 2013 Pinhoti 100, but it's not a race report. You can learn more about that race HERE. Thanks for reading, and happy trails! I said I'd never do it again, this 100 mile thing. Add that to my list of … Continue reading Nine Out of 100


I Never Ran 100 to Look Good

Not too long ago, I stepped in front of my full length mirror like I do every day. Post workout, drenched in sweat, no makeup, and completely undressed. As I looked, I felt what I've felt daily since I was a girl.... disappointment. I instinctively covered up my bare chest with my arms, glanced at … Continue reading I Never Ran 100 to Look Good

To The 15-Year-Old Me

I was driving home from a trail run the other day, windows down, feeling amazing, listening to my favorite radio morning show on KLove. Ahh... endorphins flowing, sun shining... everything is just... right. The host began a discussion that instantly grabbed my attention: "What if you could somehow write a letter to your 15-year-old self?" … Continue reading To The 15-Year-Old Me

Grindstone 100: Hanging On To Hope

It wasn't a normal 100 for me ...if there is such a thing as a normal 100. Most hundreds hurt in more ways than one. But this one-- it was pure mental, emotional, and physical hell for reasons I could not have foreseen...

Stubborn Ankles

Hands in the leaves, briers scraping my arms, tears streaming down my sweaty face: "I just gotta get to the road." The scene was all too familiar. Here I was, broken yet again, alone as usual, and crawling through the woods on hands and knees. Completely taken out by one tiny root, and one tiny ankle. … Continue reading Stubborn Ankles

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

All things considered, I had no right being at the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Endurance Run . But I went anyway, and I'm so thankful I did.... It all starts with a flashback to the week after Hinson Lake 24 hour in late September: I was sitting in the orthopedic's office anxiously waiting for the … Continue reading 100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

Refined by Fire in the Fort Clinch Furnace

**Forgive me for not editing this thing. It's a rough read. I typed it on my phone, mainly in the middle of the night, and over the course of a few days with my kids constantly vying for my attention! I'll take a look at it again when I get to a computer, but I'm … Continue reading Refined by Fire in the Fort Clinch Furnace