I Don’t Want To Run This Marathon

So after my crazy emotional breakdown at Ancient Oaks 100, I switched my ultramarathon focus to something a little more intimidating for me: running a fast marathon. I chose the Knoxville Marathon as my cardio killer of choice, and the ensuing training has nearly killed me in more ways than one. Being a carefree fun … Continue reading I Don’t Want To Run This Marathon


The Day of Reckoning

Okay... if you google "The Day of Reckoning" you get this... The Day of Reckoning: "A time when one's past mistakes or misdeeds catch up with one." "A day at the end of time following armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual human." ...annnd this post has absolutely nothing to do with … Continue reading The Day of Reckoning

Why You Front’n?!

So not too long ago, Jimmy Dean Freeman asked me to join him on another synchronized blogging topic: Freedom to Confront Your Past. After I got his message, I sat there for a minute and processed it... freedom to confront your past...freedom to confront your past.. huh. Nothing extremely inspirational made its way into my … Continue reading Why You Front’n?!