I Never Ran 100 to Look Good


It’s about to get real personal right here on this little internet space. Ladies, this one’s for you- it’s raw and exposing, and I needed to share it! Everyone else who came to read about a trail run, or my latest ultra adventure, well just do me a favor and scroll on down past this one.  Continue reading


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Scenes from my running adventures in nature’s playground. Crave the run.

Real Talk: Faith and Ultrarunning

I am a Christian woman.

Born and raised deep in the South, I may not be exactly who you are picturing. I own no pearl necklaces or pastel pant suits. I have never attended a potluck dinner. I haven’t set foot in a Sunday School room since I was 12, and the word “revival” still makes me nervous.  Continue reading

Transitional Grit

For the past week, I have been in bed battling a nasty bout of Pneumonia. This morning, I finally felt a slight spark of energy to go for a short run. I laced up, dropped my kids at my Mom’s, and headed to the nearest trailhead.

By the time I got to the park, I was feeling deathly ill again. It was 90 degrees with full humidity out… I should just go home and sleep…. but being the runner I am, I couldn’t resist at least tackling a mile. So I jumped out of the car, grabbed my phone and keys, and ventured into the woods waterless for a short jaunt. Continue reading

To The 15-Year-Old Me

I was driving home from a trail run the other day, windows down, feeling amazing, listening to my favorite radio morning show on KLove.

Ahh… endorphins flowing, sun shining… everything is just… right.

The host began a discussion that instantly grabbed my attention: “What if you could somehow write a letter to your 15-year-old self?” he said, “What would you say?”

Ha… I thought, everything wasn’t always “just right”, was it?

I started to reflect upon 15-year-old me.  The rebellious, bratty, out-of-control, drug addicted failure daughter of a Baptist preacher… oh, I’d have a lot to say. So, why not actually say it? Where to begin… Continue reading

Grindstone 100: Hanging On To Hope

The last time I ran over 10 miles was at Grindstone 100. The race was back in October, over 5 months ago. My 6th hundred wasn’t a normal one for me …if there is such a thing as a normal 100. Most hundreds hurt in more ways than one. But this one– it was pure mental, emotional, and physical hell for reasons I could not have foreseen… Continue reading

Get Yourself Out Of That Funk !

Feeling low? Slow, burned out, fatigued? Sick of it, done with it, over it–all of it?! I’m there too. And trust me, I know it’s a rough place to be. My mileage is currently the lowest its ever been in my entire running history. Many days I don’t even feel like running. I’m currently battling some serious life hurdles, and working hard to stave off the depression I know all too well. And that endorphin infused run high that I love so much? Well… right now, it is nowhere to be found. But, [BUT!] I’m not discouraged!! I have been in this place more times than I can count, and just as many times, I have bounced back unscathed. I have picked up a few tricks along the way to help myself out when I get to this low point. I hope these tips can help  you out, too! Continue reading

9 Ultrarunning Norms You Can Break

I have always been a rebel. It’s in my DNA. Always has been, always will be. This personality trait is evident in every area of my life. I like to think for myself, and refuse to accept societal norms. Seeing as running is a huge part of my life, it should come as no surprise that I shattered a few running standards there. Here are a few examples of how I made running work better for me: Continue reading