A New Band: Individuality, Unapologetically

In early 2011, in the peak of some very heavy training, I ripped a piece off of my favorite training bandanna and tied it to my wrist.
Okay. Why?

I did it to remind myself of my strength whenever I felt weak. I wore that fabric during some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally difficult times I had ever encountered in life, and I never took it off. My “band of strength” stayed with me through it all.. I told myself I would take it off when I felt I didn’t need it anymore.

As 2012 played out, I moved on to a new place in life, and I felt I didn’t need my strength as much as I once did. And ironically, at the exact same time, my bandanna began to fall apart off of my wrist…. I took it as a sign, and cut the remaining cord, and vowed to tie a new band when I felt I wanted to focus on a new theme in my life story..

Enter new band.


This band represents “individuality, unapologetically”.

While my old band was black and faded, my new one is a bright turquoise with electric green. I wore it during my kids’ first 5 hour mountain hike.. a special day for all of us.

Why individuality?
This year has been dominated by me further finding myself as a woman. Everything I have discovered only solidified the realizations that while being myself, I am completely different than anyone else… same as it is for every person in this world.

I embrace who I am, that I have the right to be myself, and that I’m happy with it all. And the only one I will ever owe explanations to on how I live my very different life is God above.

I won’t apologize for my faith.
I won’t apologize for my past.
I won’t apologize for my hobbies.
I won’t apologize for my passions.
I won’t apologize for my thoughts.
I won’t apologize for being myself.

And when nobody understands, and the world is going in an opposite direction:

No caving.
No following.
No persuasions.
No doubts.

I will chart my own course and listen to the small but powerful voice inside of me. I will proudly own who I am, and why I am. And as struggles come like they always do for me and everyone, I’ll look at my wrist and remember that I can’t and won’t back down on owning up to myself and my own expectations and dreams.

I am strong.
I am a unique individual.
I am happy with who I am on the inside.
I will celebrate life.
I will live abundantly.
I will walk by faith and not sight.

And I will never, ever, apologize for being ME.

Sorry for the brief intermission! Back to training & my thoughts on Badwater…:)


10 thoughts on “A New Band: Individuality, Unapologetically

  1. Atta girl, that run really did clear your head. Love it. Will mention you in tomorrow’s blog post, if you don’t mind?! Keep your chin up and your legs moving. xo


  2. “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failures, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt


    • I love this quote- funny bc someone else posted it to me on instagram yesterday. it’s literally going on my wall!!! Painting it on there haha!!! You’re awesome dani- I’m happy to have you as a friend!


  3. I don’t want to get to personal, but i want to give you props on being an awesome Mom. Started following you on here and twitter a while back and from all the posts I have seen you are an awesome role model and creating an amazing and active environment for the little ones. Not that my opinion matters much, but much respect!


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