Crap I Gotta Do This Year

Just thinking ’bout some crap I gotta do this year.

Iron distance triathlon- sans real training. Yes. Seriously. I want to see if I can finish in the allotted time on will power alone.

Buy a lime green jeep- because I’ve never seen anyone drive one. They’re pretty ugly, and I like that.

Visit my uncle in Ecuador- because he’s trippy & I wanna run some volcanos there.

Get my bizznazz taken care of- I would like to have a business with Amber established by the end of the year. More on that next post.

Get a new band-I cut the cord on my bandanna tied around my wrist for over a year last week. That bandanna represented my strength, and I left it on until it fell apart. Decided I would dedicate another band to another attribute- waiting for that moment to hit me.


Get my 10 dead hang pullups- this is something that has been plaguing me for the past year. I’ll get close to my goal, then shut down for some reason. Working on fixing that right now.


Chase down 100 at Teton-Yellowstone in October & Hinson Lake 24 in September- I don’t plan on training insanely again, but I do plan on busting my butt and placing high at least. Lisa Smith-Batchen will be guiding me, making sure I don’t train myself into the ground again. Or end up in the ICU.. Same thing.

Write some epic [..stuff..] at Badwater- I like to write.. But I really like to write write. Writing about inspiring experiences & people – that’s kinda my sweet spot.

Land a column or spot in a mag- I want to be printed. Online is cool, but not the same. It’s like the difference between albums & mp3s. I want to hold the real stuff.

Skydive again- ready to take the plunge again before Christmas. Hoping Dan feels the same.. He’s buying.

Section Hike the AT with Amber- this would be our next major adventure. Want some wicked pics & wild tales to share.

Get bit by a snake- just seeing if you’re paying attention? Nah. I’m for real. I’ve always thought it would be sick to get bitten by a snake, and have like-an almost emergency. Like…you know… cut the XX’s, suck the venom type thing (even though it may not be necessary..and I could probably just call 911 or drive myself to the ER.) Wouldn’t that make a great story? Maybe this year.. Probably not… It’s on my list though….Shut up.


Move up rank in BFAC-Would need something like a snake bite to make this happen!

That’s pretty much it.

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