High School Reunion? Dangitt.

Man. I have the best luck ever. Seriously…

Monday morning, after a couple hours of sleep, I woke up at 4 to run 10 miles and then up Stone Mountain. Then, I decided to be a cool mom and take my kids to the local theme park. We spent the entire day riding roller coasters, splashing around in the water park, sweating it up in the 90 some odd degree heat, and dodging skanky people and puke.. You know, just typical cheap thrill park stuff. Good times.

Later in the day, I got a call from my husband reminding me that he had signed up to play softball with the local church, and their team had a double header that night. All though I was exhausted from more than a full day, I wanted to show my support. So, I agreed to ditch the park in time to cut across Atlanta traffic and catch his games.

After an hour or so, we finally made it to the ball field. With a quick look in the rear view mirror, I realized that the long day had basically cramped my style. All of my make up was gone, and in its place was smudged mascara under my eyes, some sweat nasty filled hair, and some nice stains from toting kids all day on my ratty T-shirt….

Nice, Ash. Real cute.

I didn’t care too much about my nastiness because I was only going to the freakin’ ball field to watch some church league softball…Just maybe some other moms would be there [and various old dudes trying to be cool still while swinging a bat].

Apparently I was wrong…
Upon walking up to the field, I realized I must have missed the memo that every single person I went to high school with..and their mom.. had congregated at the church ball field to watch and play a game. People I have tried my hardest to avoid for a good 10 years, people that basically ruined my 15 year old life, people that were popular, people that weren’t, people that hated me, people that I hated- yeah they were all there.

Oh my gosh. Is this some kind of sick joke? No. Really. Is it? Because I’m not laughing if it is.

I scrambled in my backpack for something- anything- to improve my appearance before I walked any farther… sunscreen, a six flags cup, fruit bar… DANGITT! Where’s my %^^%# make up when I need it?!!! SUNGLASSES! There we go.
But wait. It’s dark out….screw it…I’m rockin these suckas like the 80’s.

I continued my awkward approach to the field, and made a beeline straight through everyone without saying a word, to reach my husband in the dugout, “Umm. Thanks for telling me there was a high school reunion tonight, honey.” I mumbled in my sweetest mad voice possible.

“How was I supposed to know? It’s the other team, and all of the girlfriends and wives. And apparently another team full of people we went to school with are on the neighboring field. Who cares, just watch the game.”

Who cares? I’m a woman! I wouldn’t care if I was wearing a full face of make up, my hair cute, and maybe some form fitting booty shorts to show off my running legs I’ve worked so friggin hard for these past 5 years!!! But other than that- NOT ME.

For reference, this is me at 15:


And.. This is me now:

See how this could be a problem?

“Erghh. Fine. I’ll be sitting on the bleachers.”

Y’all, seriously. I’m pretty sure there is a golden rule somewhere in the ancient book of life that addresses this phenomena: when you look your worst, you will undoubtably see the last people on earth you would want to see.

It’s just bound to happen.
But, really, like, everybody? I’ve lived in this same stupid small town almost my whole life and I have managed to stay the flip off of the radar for 10 freakin years without seeing a soul I wouldn’t want to see.

High school sucked major for me. MAJOR. Read “my very long story” up there under the header if you don’t know why, but man. Seeing all of those people just was NOT what I wanted.

Thankfully, everyone was rude to me, and all sat together hanging out probably reminiscing about the “good ole days” and I happily ignored them all in return. So, I didn’t get to have any of those awkward “Oh em gee, you’re like so still cool like 10 years later” conversations or anything, and I also didn’t get to say, “Yeah I know I look like crap right now, but it’s because I woke up while you were fast asleep, ran around a mountain and up it a couple of times, and chased my kids around a theme park all with no caffeine.. Typical day.”

But, I kind of wish I did get to say those things…


Because it would have felt good for others to know how much I’ve changed.

Even something like, “Yeah, so I used to be a chunky druggy, but now I’m out running 100 mile races in a sports bra like its my job.” –And– “So you thought it was funny that I graduated 5 months pregnant , but take a look at my freaking cute as heck kids.” would have been especially nice too.

But yeah- that crap didn’t happen.

That only happens in movies.

Instead, I just sat on the bleachers, clutching my babies, while watching my smokin’ hot husband dominate the church league softball games & thinkin to myself Screw all them. I’m so happy I’m not who I used to be. I feel good.

Change is amazing.

I’m happy I changed. I’m thankful that I grew into a strong and independent woman. And while it would be nice for others to know the full changes I made in my life, it really isn’t for anyone but myself.

But change aside, you better believe next time I hit that ball field, I will be decked the heck out in my cutest form fitting clothes, full make up, and sporting zero shades….

and you know that NOBODY will be around to see it. Hahaha.

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16 thoughts on “High School Reunion? Dangitt.

  1. LOVE IT!! Especially since it’s my HS reunion this weekend! Feel the same way; could care less about seeing many of the individuals I graduated with! But I will sport a short skirt & low top and show off my running legs and strong arms. :-)


  2. haha wow! That sucks! but again, you survived a difficult situation and became a better person in the process! My actual reunion is coming up and I still talk to the people I want to talk to and have no desire to talk to the rest. Not bc I am ashamed of being a stay at home dad or that I won’t take great joy in fluanting my life but bc if I haven’t heard from you in 15 years or so, what do I possibly have to say to you? Thanks for continuing to share your story and helping to put things into perspective :)


  3. Its just like when you are dying on a run, you will never see anyone you know until you have to stop because you are sucking more wind than a turbo jet. It happens to the best of us!


  4. I am pretty sure you look better post run than most of them would with photoshop. The ugly duckling from my HS that was brilliant but awkward and people laughed at ended up being Miss USA and is now a super model and fashion writer. Everytime I see her FB pics and posts I can’t help but think of how insignificant HS really is!


  5. If only you would have let me coach you… The lassies from school would have been drooling with envy due to all of your race wins and lavish life style. But, you turned me down and have yet another life regret on top of high school. Cheers!


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